Turkish Journal of Biology

The Role of Divalent Cations on the Adhesion Strength of Cultured Chinese Hamster Lung (CHL) Cells




The role of metal ions on the adhesion strength of Chinese Hamster Lung (CHL) cells was determined. With the help of the Microflow chamber, the requirement of Ca+2 cations for adhesion of CHL onto tissue culture grade polystyrene dishes was shown by the finding that the chelation of this metal cation with 4mM EGTA caused 55 % reduction in cell adhesion strength. However, it was found that Ca2+ can be replaced with some other metal ions such as Mg2+, Mn2+ and Co2+ and the most effective studied cation was Mg2+. Absolute necessity of divalent cations for cell adhesion was determined by the fact that in the presence of 4mM EDTA, CHL cell's attachment was totally inhibited. Furthermore, cells need these cations to maintain their adhesives.


CHL cell, adhesion strength, divalent cations

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