Turkish Journal of Biology

Identification and Cultivation of Pleurotus Species, Grown Naturally in Diyarbakır Province and Surroundings




In land studies carried out between 1990-1992 in Diyarbakir province and surroundings, only P. ostreatus (Jacq. ex Fr.) Kum. var. salignus (Pers. ex Fr.) Konr. et Maubl., belonging to the Pleurotus species, has been indentified. In experimental studies conducted in regard to the cultivation of this species, the miscells obtained from the spores, which had germinated in malt-extract agar medium of 2.0 %, were propagated in different mediums of nutrient-agar. It was determined that the developmental period of P. ostereatus var. salignus varies. The shortest developmental period was found to be 7.80±0.84 days in a nutrient medium prepared through the addition of crushed barley at a rate of 1.5 % onh the malt-extract of 1.0% . The longest developmental period was detemined to be 18.60±1.52 days in a nurtient medium prepared through the addition of wheat flour at a rate of 2.0 % on malt-extract of 1.0 %.


Pleurotus, Distribution, Cultivation.

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