Turkish Journal of Biology

The Effects of ABA and Kinetin on the Developmental Period of Drosophila melanogaster




The effects of the plant growth regulators, ABA and kinetin, on the fecundity, number of pupae and mature young offspring female, and the viability of D. melanogaster were tested. For this reason, various concentrations of ABA and kinetin (10-3 M, 10-4 M and 10-5 M) were added into the standard food-medium of Drosophila. The imagoes female which fed on the hormoned food-medium for the first three days of their adult life were used. Experimental results show that ABA and low concentrations of kinetin (10-5 M) inhibit fecundity and the number of pupae and mature young adults; however, higher concentrations of kinetin (10-3 M) stimulates these factors.


Drosophila melanogaster, Developmental period, Plant Growth Hormones, ABA, Kinetin.

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