Turkish Journal of Biology

The Effect of Basudin (20 EM) on the Mitotic Chromosome of Barley




Basudin which is used very widely for agricultural protection also has some undesirable effects. Generally, it is assumed that these negative effects are the result of excesssive use. We studied the effects of Basudin on cell division and the behavior of chromosomes. Barley seeds were treated for 6-12, and 24-hour periods with 100, 200 and 300 ppm of Basudin concentrations and the cytogenetic effects were investigated. It was found that treatment time and concentration of the insecticide enhanced the mitotic index especially at the 6-hour treatment for each chemical dose. Also, the chemical effects chromosomal damage were found to vary for different concentrations and treatment times.


Insecticide, Mitotic Index, Cytogenetic effects, Basudin

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