Turkish Journal of Biology

The Effects of Marshal and its Effective Ingredient Carbosulfan on SCE, MI and RI in Cultured Human Lymphocytes




The effects of the insecticide Marshal and its effective ingredient, Carbosulfan, on the value of SCE, replication of DNA and division of mitosis in human peripheral lympocyte cultures are investigated. At varying treatment times and concentrations of insecticide (10-6, 5x10-6, 10-5, 5x10-5) both Marshal and Carbosulfan did not have any effect on the value of SCE. However, while both test substances did not influence the RI for 12 hrs. they decreased the MI during the same treatment times. During the 24- and 48- hour treatment times, both the RI and MI decreased.


Mashal, Human Lymphocytes, Sister Chromatid Exchange (SCE), Replication Index (RI), mitotic Index (MI)

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