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Anoplodactylus is the largest and the most abundant genus of Phoxichilidiidae, with 134 described species, most from shallow waters. The genus is cosmopolitan and easily encountered in Brazil. The present work catalogues the species of Anoplodactylus found in Brazilian waters and describes two new species for the coast of northeastern Brazil. The material analyzed here was deposited in the Invertebrate Collection Paulo Young, which comprises the specimens collected for several studies along the Brazilian coast. Unsampled species were recorded from the literature. We extend the known records of seven species (A. batangensis, A. californicus, A. eroticus, A. evelinae, A. insignis, A. monotrema, and A. stictus), and provide the first record of A. stictus for northeastern Brazil. Eighteen species of Anoplodactylus are now known from Brazil, including the two new species described herein, Anoplodactylus ricardoi sp. nov. and Anoplodactylus ganchiformis sp. nov. The first species has incomplete segmentation, elongate lateral processes, and many small setae on the dorsal surface. The second species has the third article of the oviger with a small hook directed backwards. The genus needs revision because traditional taxonomy has been unable to solve the taxonomical problems with this genus.


Sea spiders, Southwest Atlantic, Pantopoda, new species

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