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Talpa davidiana is the least known species of the genus Talpa, and the karyotype of this species is still unknown. Its distribution records are also very scattered. The karyological, cranial, and pelvic characteristics of 2 samples from Kızıldağ in Adana Province were analyzed for the first time. It was determined that T. davidiana has 2n = 34, NF = 66, and NFa = 62. The X chromosome was large and metacentric and the Y chromosome was dot-like acrocentric. The 2 samples are different from each other, and from previous T. davidiana records, in terms of their lower incisor and premolar numbers. Unique among the T. davidiana samples examined to date, 1 of the samples studied here had 2 premolars on the lower jaw half instead of 3. In contrast to the literature, 1 sample has a europeoidal pelvis, and the other has an intermediate form. T. davidiana has been recorded from 6 localities from the area between Hakkari and Gaziantep provinces in Turkey. The Kızıldağ high plateau of Adana was a new distribution locality and the most western for T. davidiana. The nearest known locality is Meydanakbes village, and it is almost 160 km away, as the bird flies, from Kızıldağ high plateau. The new distribution record from Kızıldağ high plateau implies that the mountain range between Tatvan and Adana may include some undiscovered samples.


Talpa davidiana, karyotype, distribution, dentition, pelvis

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