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The present study was conducted to identify the parasitic infection of the nemacheilid loach, Turcinoemacheilus kosswigi, in 5 rivers of the Tigris basin in Iran, from July 2007 to August 2008. Extracted from 43 fish specimens were 3 parasitic species: metacercaria of Posthodiplostomum cuticola (Digenea: Diplostomatidae) in the skin, fins, gills, and muscles; Allocreadium sp. (Digenea: Allocreadidae) and Procamallanus sp. (Nematoda: Camallanidae) in the intestine. Prevalence and mean intensity of parasitic infection were: 100%, 33 for the river Khoramroud; 12.5%, 1 for the river Hana; 50%, 1 for the river Kakareza; and 16.6%, 1 for the river Shalamzar. Specimens of the river Marboreh had no parasitic infection. T. kosswigi was introduced as a new host for these parasites and the genus Procamallanus was recorded in the fish of Iran for the first time.

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