Ctenocallis israelica – first record in Central Europe, with a note on the genus Ctenocallis


Abstract: This paper presents a new locality for a rare aphid species from Panaphidini (Aphidoidea: Drepanosiphidae, Calaphidinae), Ctenocallis israelica Hille Ris Lambers, 1954, which was recorded for the first time in Hungary and also for the first time in Central Europe. The genus Ctenocallis Klodnitsky, 1924 has been briefly described. The main morphological diagnostic features of apterous viviparous females have been presented, which allow the distinguishing of separate species of the genus. Their current range and the possibility of its broadening have been discussed on the basis of present information on the occurrence of these aphid species. Furthermore, the history of the Ctenocallis genus name has been presented.

Keywords: Aphidoidea, Drepanosiphidae, Ctenocallis, Cytisus, Europe, biodiversity, zoogeography

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