Distribution of littoral benthic amphipods off the Levantine coast of Turkey with new records


Abstract: A total of 143 species belonging to Amphipoda were found at the depths between the supralittoral zone and 200 m along the Levantine coast of Turkey. Ten species (Ampelisca spinifer, Cheiriphotis mediterranea, Deutella shieckei, Ericthonius argenteus, Gammaropsis crenulata, Gammaropsis sophiae, Isaea montagui, Ischyrocerus inexpectatus, Liropus elongatus, and Melita bulla) were recorded for the first time in Turkey, while 69 species were new for the Levantine coast of Turkey. Platorchestia platensis was the only species observed out of water (supralittoral). The other encountered species showed distribution in various depths of between 0 and 200 m. The biogeographical categories of determined species were Mediterranean-Atlantic (69.2%), Mediterranean endemics (20.3%), cosmopolitans (8.4%), and Indo-Pacific immigrants (2.1%), including Elasmopus pectenicrus, Gammaropsis togoensis, and Stenothoe gallensis.

Keywords: Amphipoda, Turkey, Levantine Sea

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