Incidence of Mealy Bug Dismycoccus brevipes (Cockrell) on Pineapple

Authors: Akhlaq Ahmed KHAN, Ghulam Mustafa AVESI, Syed Zafar MASUD, Syed Waqar Ali RIZVI

Abstract: The pineapple mealy bug ( Dismycoccus brevipes) infestation is reported for the first time from Pakistan, Ratoon, crownlet, slip and sucker plants were found infested by this bug. A total of 3464 bugs were collected from these plants with a mean value of 43.3 bugs/plant. Two-third (2291) of the bug population was found on the roots while one-third (1173) were recovered from the leaf base of the pineapple.

Keywords: Dismycoccus brevipes, pineapple.

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