Comparative Efficacy of Bromadiolone, Cholecalciferol and Zinc Phosphide Against Short -Tailed Mole Rat Nesokia indica in Captivity

Authors: Amjad PERVEZ, Syed M. AHMAD, S. WAQAR, A. RIZVI

Abstract: We conducted no-choice and paired choice feeding trials with individually caged Nesokia indica to evaluate the efficacy of Bromadiolone, Cholecalciferol and Zinc phosphide baits. Under no-choice test (1 day and 3 day) male rats consumed less bromadiolone bait. However, sex-wise difference was observed non-significant. Under choice feeding test, difference between bromadiolone bait intake and sex was observed non-significant. Under cholecalciferol bait, treated bait was consumed more than plain bait. Among the baits tested, cholecalciferol appeared promising for controlling short-tailed mole rat, Nesokia indica.

Keywords: Nesokia indica, efficacy, bromadiolone, cholecalciferol, zinc phosphide.

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