Shells of Mollusca Collected from the Seas of Turkey


Abstract: A large number of molluscan shells were collected from the seas of Turkey (the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea) and examined to determine their species and to point out the species found in each sea. The examination revealed a total of 610 shell species and many varieties belonging to various classes, subclasses, families and subfamilies of mollusca. The list of these taxonomic groups is presented in the first column of Table 1. The species and varieties found in each sea are indicated with a plus sign in the other columns of the table assigned to the seas. The plus signs in parentheses in the Black Sea column of the table indicate the species found in the pre-Bosphorus region and as a special case discussed in respect of whether they belong to that sea or not.

Keywords: Shell, mollusca, sea, Turkey

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