Effect of Synthetic Juvenile Hormone C-16 on the Adult Diapause in Anacridium Aegyptium L.


Abstract: In this study, two different concentrations (10.000 ppm, 15.000 ppm) of synthetic juvenile hormone (SJH) C-16 were topically applied to the diapausing adults of Anacridium aegyptium L. (Orthoptera: Acrididae). The treatment of SJH at two concentrations induced yolk deposition and terminal oocytes growth. The findings showed that development of the eggs was directly proportional with the concentrations of SJH. Concentration of 15.000 ppm was found more effective than 10.000 ppm. Therefore, we have concluded that (SJH) C-16 can terminate adult reproductive diapause in A. aegyptium.

Keywords: Synthetic Juvenile Hormone, Diapause, Anacridium aegyptium

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