The Contents of Digestion System of Chondrostoma regium Heckel, 1843 (Pisces: Cyprinidae) Population in Suat Uğurlu Dam Lake (Çarşamba-Samsun)


Abstract: The organisms in the contents of digestion system from 145 individuals of the brond-snout (Chondrostoma regium Heckel, 1843 Pisces: Cyprinidae) caught from Suat Uğurlu Dam Lake between April, 1993-March, 1994, have been studied by using the number and appearance frequency methods. Consequently, it is determined that 99.92% of the total diet of brond-snout is composed of Bacillariophyta and the 0.08% is of zooplanktons.

Keywords: Suat Uğurlu Dam Lake, bround-snout, Chondrostoma regium, contents of digestion system

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