Observations on the Reproduction and Feeding Biology of Lacerta laevis (Sauria: Lacertidae) GRAY, 1838


Abstract: In this study, the feeding behaviours of the new hatched eggs which were laid to the terrarium by one of the 18 Lacerta laevis samples collected from Mersin (Fındıkpınarı) were observed and the development of these eggs over 103 days period were investigated. In conclusion the number of the eggs laid by one of the lizards were six, the mean size of eggs were 8.03 x 12.25 mm. and the mean body length of the young, that were hatched after 47 days, was 77.77 mm. at the first day and was 89.14 mm. at the end of 56 th day.

Keywords: Lacerta laevis, reproduction, feeding

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