Growth Properties of Grey Mullet (Mugil cephalus L., 1758) Live in Silifke, Akgöl-Paradeniz Lagoons


Abstract: 504 specimens of age composition of age composition of Mugil cephalus caught from Akgöl- Paradeniz Lagoon ranged between I.-VII. ages. According to the ages Mugil cephalus groups dispersion were determined that individuals in III years old were dominant ( % 29,76 ). The Mugil cephalus specimens consist of % 52.33 female and % 46.67 male. Average fork lenght for III.. years age is 293,79 mm. and average weight of them is 31, 47 g.. Maximum annual lenght increase is 62,13 mm. for III. age group and maximum annual weight increase is 263,73 g. for VII. age group were determined.

Keywords: Akgöl-Paradeniz Lagoon, Mugil cephalus , Growth Properties

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