Reproduction Properties of Mugil cephalus L., 1758 live in Akgöl- Paradeniz Lagoon, Silifke


Abstract: According to % GSI and egg diameter, reproduction periot of M. cephalus was determined to be on September and October mounth. Minimum % GSI obtained for M. cephalus was % 4.14 on June mounth and maximum % GSI was % 20.08 on July and % 17.26 on October. Avarage egg diameter of M. cephalus ranged between minimum 0.15 and maximum 0.69 mm. The egg diameters on September and October are 0.69 and 0.65 mm. .

Keywords: M. cephalus, Reproduction, GSI and Akgšl-Paradeniz Lagoon, Silifke

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