A Morphological Investigation on the Anuran species of the Reşadiye (Datça) Peninsula (Anura: Bufonidae, Hylidae, Ranidae)


Abstract: In this survey the amphibian fauna of Reşadiye (Datça) Peninsula, which has not been studied in detail so far, is given. No urodelan species has been encountered during the present work; but the presence of four different species belonging to three anuran families is established. Bufo bufo, Bufo viridis, Hyla arborea and Rana ridibunda specimens were collected from two, five, three and six different localities respectively, establishing the status of the peninsula's anura fauna. A total of 125 adult and two juvenile specimens were studied morphologically. Some observations on the ecological and biological characteristics of the anurans are also given.

Keywords: Anura, Reşadiye (Datça) Peninsula, Morphology, Ecology

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