Taxonomic Studies on the Species of Ceutorrhyncidius, Ceutorrhynchus and Zacladus of the Subfamily Ceutorrhynchinae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) from Central Anatolia


Abstract: In this study, the keys, morphological descriptions, World and Turkey's distributions and their hosts of the species Ceuthorrhynchidius horridus Panzer, Ceuthorrhynchus (Glocianus) albovittatus Germar, C. (Mogulones) javeti Ch. Brisout, Ceuthorrhynchus (s. str.) picitarsis Gyllenhal, C. (s. str.) similis Ch. Brisout, C. (s. str.) sulcicollis Paykull, C. (Hadroplantus) trimaculatus Fabricius and Zacladus asperatus Gyllenhal are given. The male genitalia are illustrated with the figures and described. The male genital characters of these species are discussed on the level of species and other categories.

Keywords: Taxonomy, Distribution, Central Anatolia, Ceutorrhynchinae, Curculionidae

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