Gymnetron, Hypera, Sibinia and Tychius (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) from Central Anatolia


Abstract: In this study which includes the species Gymnetron asellus Gravenhorst, G. pascuorum Gyllenhal, Hypera farinosa Gyllenhal, H. nigrirostris Fabricius, H. pastinacae Rossi, H. variabilis Herbst, Sibinia femoralis Germar, S. syriaca Faust, Tychius breviusculus Desbrochers, T. meliloti Stephens, T. quinquepunctatus Linneaus and T. squamulatus Gyllenhal from the genera Gymnetron, Hypera, Sibinia and Tychius, the keys to species, morphological descriptions, World and Turkey's distributions and their hosts are given, the male genital characters of these species are discussed on the level of species and other categories.

Keywords: Curculionidae, Gymnetron, Hypera, Sibinia, Tychius, Taxonomi, Keys to species, Male genitalia, Host, Distribution, Central Anatolia

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