A Study on the Family Arrenuridae (Hydrachnellae, Acari) II


Abstract: In this research, (have been recorded) the males and females of three Arrenurus species which are new records for the the Turkish fauna. These are Arrenurus (Arrenurus) claviger Koenike, 1882; Arrenurus (s.str.) compactus Piersig, 1894 and Arrenurus (s.str) cuspidator (Müller, 1776). Furthermore, the females of Arrenurus (s.str.) bicuspidator Berlese, 1885 and Arrenurus (s.str.) bruzelii Koenike, 1885 are also recorded from Türkiye for the first time. The morphological characters, the measurements and drawings of various organs, habitats and distributions on the world of all above species were given. Arrenurus (s.str.) affinis Koenike, 1887 and Arrenurus (s.str.) cuspidifer Piersig, 1896 that known from Türkiye have been rewieved.

Keywords: Acari, Hydrachnellae, Arrenurus, Systematics, Türkiye

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