Some Taxonomic Features of Taphozous nudiventris Cretzschmar, 1830 vel 1831 from Turkey (Chiroptera: Emballonuridae)


Abstract: This study was based on the records of baculum features, hair scale form, and karyotype of Taphozous nudiventris magnus. The baculum is a distinctive feature in separating this subspecies from T. n. kachhensis. The structure of the hair scale type examined by scanning electron microscope (SEM) was divaricate, dentate coronal at the tip, and varied from the tip of the hair to the base; it had a divergent, dentate coronal at the shaft and an appressed, repand coronal at the base. The diploid number (2n) and the number of autosomal arms (NFa) of T. n. magnus were 42 and 64, respectively.

Keywords: Baculum, hair scale, karyotype, Taphozous nudiventris, Turkey

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