A Study on Apodemus iconicus Heptner, 1948 (Mammalia: Rodentia) in Turkey


Abstract: The karyological, bacular and phallic aspects of Apodemus iconicus Heptner, 1948, in Turkey were examined for the first time. The diploid number of chromosomes was 2n = 48, the number of autosomal arms was NFa = 46, and the fundamental number was NF = 48. The X chromosome was large acrocentric, and the Y chromosome was small acrocentric. The baculum was composed of a distal and proximal part, the average length of which was 3.74 mm. The phallus showed two notches near the crater, and a groove extending along the phallus on the ventral side.

Keywords: Apodemus iconicus, Karyology, Phallus, Baculum, Turkey

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