Comalcandona gibsoni sp. nov. (Ostracoda, Candonidae) from Comal Spring, Texas, USA


Abstract: A new species, Comalcandona gibsoni sp. nov., was found from Comal Springs, Comal County, Texas, USA. The new species has four horn-like projections located on the antero- and posterodorsal ends of the valves and this unique character separates this species from Comalcandona tressleri. Some other distinguishing differences in chaetotaxy (e.g., position, length, and number of setae on the segments) can also be seen in the soft body parts (e.g., absence of gamma seta on mandibula, duckbill shape of clasping organ of first leg, numbers of whorls in Zenker?s organ). Based on the differences, Comalcandona gibsoni sp. nov. is proposed as the second species of the genus.

Keywords: Edwards Aquifer, endemic, new species, taxonomic key

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