Description of Pseudoameiropsis suphankaraytugi sp. nov.(Copepoda: Harpacticoida: Ameiridae) with the first report of the genus Pseudoameiropsis Pallares, 1982 outside of the South Atlantic Ocean


Abstract: A new species of the monotypic genus Pseudoameiropsis was found in samples collected from the eastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The new species can be separated from P. argentinus by the armature formula in the endopod of the second to fourth swimming legs (0, 1, 021; 0, 1, 121; 0, 1, 121 in P. argentinus, but 1, 1, 221; 1, 1, 221; 1, 1, 221 in the new species), and armature complement in the third exopodal segment of the fourth swimming leg (with eight setae/spines in the new species, but seven elements in P. argentinus). The general shape and armature of the female fifth leg is similar in the two species but some minor differences in their ornamentation were observed. This is also the first record of the genus in the Mediterranean Sea and outside of the South Atlantic Ocean.

Keywords: Meiofauna, Mediterranean Sea, intertidal zone, interstitial, new species

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