The Reproduction Biology of Rainbow Trout (Oncoryhynchus mykiss) in the Gürün Gökpinar Fisheries Station Conditions

Authors: Mehmet KARATAŞ

Abstract: Fecundity, maturity age and spawning time were determined for Rainbow trout (Oncoryhynchus mykiss) living Gürün Gökpinar conditions. The majority of males begins to mature at an age of 2 years in Gürün Gökpinar conditions. Females were mature at an age of 3 years. The main spawning period for Rainbow trout in Gürün Gökpinar conditions would appear to be within the months of December and January, though a small number of ripe fish were appeared the end of November. The egg yields of Rainbow trout in the 2.3.4 age groups were found as 2383 egg/kg, 1872 egg/kg and 1716 egg/kg respectively.

Keywords: Rainbow trout, reproduction biology, fecundity, maturity age, spawning time.