Radio Tracking on a Released Red Deer (Cervus elaphus L.) Group

Authors: İdris OĞURLU

Abstract: Aiming the determination of the range, and monitoring the behaviour and activity as well as habitat selection, a released red deer (Cervus elaphus L.) group of 14 idividuals, one of the them was attached by a radio tag, was tracked for a 9 - month period. Released deer were taken separately in various dates from a breeding station in Çatacik Forest. Expect of one female, whole of the group settled down in an area covered 344 ha. But the female, joined another wild deer herd, preferred another range covered 397 ha. Both group and single deer used mainly plantation areas and crop fields for feeding while they preferred dense wood for bedding.

Keywords: Red deer (Cervus elaphus L.), Releasing, Radio tracking, Home range, Habitat selection, Activity.