A Study on the Habitat Use and Diet of Pine Marten (Martes martes (L.)

Authors: İdris OĞURLU, Hüseyin SÜZEK

Abstract: In this study, Pine marten's food habits and habitat selection were investigated in its natural enviroment. For the purpose, the dungs from plots established semi-randomly, were collected and prepared for histological analysis. In the soaked screened feacel materials, mainly animal fragments such of Rodentia, Passeriformes, Squamata, Anura, Coleoptera or vegetal parts such of Rosaceae, Vitaceae and Ericaceae were idendified. It was found that Pine Marten preferred dense wood close (<350 m) to streams while it lived 250-400 m in altidude. Marten's habitats must be conserved against cuttings in the maneged forest.

Keywords: Pine marten (Martes martes); dung collection; identification of fragments; diets; habitat selection.