Taxonomic Status and Karyological Characters of Meriones tristrami Thomas, 1892 (Mammalia: Rodentia) in Turkey

Authors: Haluk KEFELİOĞLU

Abstract: In this study, karyological and morphological characters of 56 specimens of Meriones tristrami Thomas, 1892 collected from different districts of Turkey, were examined in detail. The characters examined were compared with themselves and the published data. In the result of the comparisons, it has been determined that subspecies of Merions tristrami blackleri Thomas, 1903, Meriones tristami lycaon Thomas, 1919 were distributs throughout Turkey, and also in Igdir and Aralik, the specimens similar to Meriones tristrami bodenheimeri Aharoni, 1932 were occured.

Keywords: Meriones tristrami, Taxonomi, Karyology, Turkey