Arcyptera microptera (Fischer de Waldheim, 1833) (Orthoptera: Acrididae) has become extinct in the Czech Republic


Abstract: In the past, the grasshopper Arcyptera microptera microptera was present in the Czech Republic on the northern edge of its range. A stable population was known only in a single location (Pouzdrany Steppe-Kolby National Nature Reserve). The abundance of A. microptera microptera at this location declined during the 20th century, and only a few specimens from this location exist in the depositories of museums in the Czech Republic. At each of 2 other locations (Kobyli and the Kamenny vrch u Kurdejova Nature Reserve), only a single male was discovered in the past. In several extensive surveys conducted in the Czech Republic between 1990 and 2008, A. microptera microptera was not detected, probably because the habitat is no longer suitable for this species. At present, those parts of the Pouzdrany Steppe offering a suitable habitat for A. microptera microptera (vegetation coverage < 70%) are very restricted in area and are scattered. Based on these facts, it is necessary to categorize the species A. microptera microptera as extinct in the Czech Republic.

Keywords: Arcyptera microptera, faunistics, distribution, extinction, Czech Republic

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