A Study on the Conchological Features of Two Populations of Bulinus truncatus (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) in Turkey


Abstract: So far Bulinus truncatus samples have been found in two localities in Turkey. Habur stream, Ceylanpınar, Şanlıurfa, and water flow at Bolatlar village, Akçakale, Şanlıurfa. In this study, the conchological features of samples obtained from those two localities were investigated and the results were compared. In both localities, the shells of the the collected samples are sinistral and have depressed spire regions. From the samples collected in the Akçakale region (Bolatlar village), average shell height, shell width, aperture height and aperture width of the 21 shells and width of shell/height of shell, width of aperture/height of aperture, height of aperture/height of shell and width of aperture/width of shell of these shells were measured. These results were compared with data from Ceylanpınar, where samples were obtained during a previous study. We found there was no important difference between the two localities (cd < 1.50).

Keywords: Pulmonata, Bulinus truncatus, Shell

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