The Avifauna of Termessos National Park (Antalya-Turkey)


Abstract: The bird fauna of Termessos National Park, in south-central Anatolia about 37 km north-west of Antalya city centre, was studied between October 1998 and April 2000. In the study area, 113 species of forest and mountain birds, belonging to 32 families, were recorded. Their residence status is as follows: 50 residents (R), 40 summer (S) and 14 winter visitors (W), 5 vagrants (V) and 4 passage migrants (Pm). To show the national and international importance of Termessos National Park, the numbers of threatened bird species are compared with the Red Data Book of Turkey (total 51 threatened species: A.1.2 = 5, A.2 = 13, A.3 = 13, A.4 = 20) and the Classification of Species European Conservation Concern SPEC (total 72 threatened species: SPEC 1 = 1, SPEC 2 = 13, SPEC 3 = 26, SPEC 4 = 32) categories.

Keywords: avifauna, birds, breeding, Anatolia, Turkey, Termessos

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