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Native breeds are excellent sources of genetic variation. Anatolian native breeds are relatives of the first cattle domesticated and are ancestors of many European breeds. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the genetic variation of OLR1, ANXA9, MYF5, LTF, IGF1, LGB, CSN3, PIT1, MBL1, CACNA2D1, and ABCG2 markers in Turkish Grey Steppe, Anatolian Black, and East Anatolian Red cattle. The analysis included 367 cattle and the genotyping was performed by the PCR-RFLP. Population genetics indices including heterozygosity, the number of effective alleles, the polymorphism information content, fixation index, and the level of possible variability realization, and moreover, the genetic diversity parameters including Shannon?Weaver diversity index and Simpson dominance index were estimated. Hardy?Weinberg equilibrium was evaluated based on the number of individuals per genotype. Native breeds exhibited admissible population genetics and diversity levels. There was no animal with the MYF5-AA, IGF1-CC, LGB-BB, CSN3-BB, CACNA2D1- GG, and ABCG2-AC genotypes in the Anatolian Black breed. The frequencies of the genotypes/alleles favorable for milk production traits were remarkably low in all breeds. These findings could provide useful information on the genetic variation of Anatolian native cattle and the genetic investigations of resistance and health traits in bovine breeding and genetics.

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