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Bovine papillomatosis is a common viral disease of cattle but is relatively less common in buffaloes. Bovine papilloma virus (BPV) -1 and -2 are mostly associated with cutaneous warts in buffaloes. The aim of the present work was to study the pathomorphology and association of different BPV types in buffalo cutaneous warts. A total of 10 cases were included in the present study, which revealed that growths were either single or multiple, variable in shape and size, and present at different body sites. Histopathologically, these were categorized as papilloma, fibropapilloma, and fibroma. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) revealed the presence of BPV-1, -2, and -5 DNA. Quantitative real-time PCR showed varying amounts of viral DNA copy numbers. On immunohistochemistry, nuclear Ki-67 expression was observed mainly in the cells of suprabasal layers. In conclusion, DNA of BPV-1, -2, and -5 was detected either alone or their mixed infections. Nuclear Ki-67 immunoreactivity in the suprabasal layer indicated that this is the cellular proliferation site.


Bovine papilloma virus, buffalo, cutaneous warts, Ki-67

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