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The objectives of this study were to (i) compare the effects of two staining techniques and one fixative solution on the morphological features of ram spermatozoa and (ii) evaluate the morphological features of dead/live spermatozoa by using Eosin-Nigrosin staining. The morphological features of raw spermatozoa were evaluated (by Phase Contrast microscopy) after staining with Eosin-Nigrosin mixture or Nigrosin (alone), or after fixation with Hancock's buffered formol saline solution. 42 raw pooled semen samples from 6 Kıvırcık rams were used. The percentages of spermatozoa with abnormal acrosomes and total morphological abnormalities averaged 3.97% and 14.78% in Hancock's solution, compared with averages of 10.07% and 18.54%; 7.97% and 18.45% for smears stained with Eosin-Nigrosin or Nigrosin (alone), respectively (P

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