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Cutting the Lamb Carcasses and Estimating Coefficients to Determine the Price of the Cuts




This study was carried out to estimate coefficients about carcass cuts which can be used to determine the optimal price of the cuts. For this purpose, the rate of cuts in the carcass and the lean rate of each cuts have been taken into account. According to methods used in Turkey the carcas cuts were 5 pieces which were 'Leg', 'Shoulder', 'Back', 'Loin' and '0thers'. In this study, the data show that the rates of this cuts in the carcass were 34.9, 18.8, 9.5, 8.7 and 28.1%, respectively; and the rates of lean of each cuts were 60.4, 59.9, 47.4, 56,9 and 49.6%. The estimated coefficients for each cuts were 1.113, 1.087, 0.859, 1.028 and 0.914, respecetively. Consequently, if the price of the 1 kg of the whole carcass is 100.000 TL, the price of the leg will 1.113 X 100.00= 111.300 TL. 0n the contrary, the price of the back will be 0.859x 100.000= 85.900 TL.


Lamb carcasses, cutting, pricing

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