An Investigation About the Effects of Insemination Depth, Cervico-Vaginal Mucus Production and Reflux of Semen in the Vagina After Insemination in Sheep


Abstract: The possible influence of factors such as depth of insemination, cervico-vaginal mucus production and reflux of semen in the vagina after insemination in German merinolandrace were considered. Fresh diluted semen was inseminated intracervically. The results obtained for non-return-rate, lambing rate and fecundity are 49.01%, 39.75% and 64.55% respectively. The year had a significant effect (p ² 0.05) on non-return-rate and lambing rate but not on fecundity.The other parameters considered did not affect prolificacy significantly.

Keywords: German merinolandrace, cervical insemination, fresh semen, diluted semen, insemination depth, cervico-vaginal mucus

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