Effective Doses of Prostaglandin F2µ for Induction of Parturition in Angora Goats

Authors: Dilek ARSOY BAŞARAN, Ayşenur KARAKAYA, Neriman BİLGİÇ, Yücel AŞKIN

Abstract: This experiment was conducted to determine the minimum effective doses of PGF2µ (Dinoprost trometamin) for induction of parturition. In the 1st group, parturitions were occured within mean (±SE) 35.92±2.433 hours after 5 mg PGF2µ injection and the 2nd group, parturitions were occured within mean (±SE) 36.17±2.800 hours after 10 mg PGF2µ injection on day 141 and 142 of gestation. Gestation lenght of the control group averaged (±SE) 148.56±6.30 (range 146-152). There was a significant difference on birth weigh of kids between the first and second groups. But only there was a significant difference between first group and control group. The birth weight of experiment groups less than control group.

Keywords: Goat, induction of parturition, prostaglandin F2µ