The Effect of Egg Weight and Shape Index on Hachability in Japanese Quail Eggs

Authors: Ensar BAŞPINAR, Mehmet Ali YILDIZ, M. Muhip ÖZKAN, Orhan KAVUNCU

Abstract: In this study, the effect of egg weight and shape index on hachability was investigated in Japanese quail eggs. According to shape index, significant correlations were found between hachability and egg weight (r= -0.835), and between early embryonic mortality and shape index (r=0.809). The regressions of hachability (Y1) and early embryonic mortality (Y2) on egg weight (X1) and shape index (X2) were Y1 = 454.0 -25.4X1 - 79.1X2 and Y2= -1114.0 + 55.4X1 + 548.0X2, respectively. The R2- values indicate that 82.4% of the variability in hachability and 96.5 % of the variability in early embryonic mortality were explained by variation in egg weight and shape index.

Keywords: Japanese Quail, Hachability, Egg Weight, Shape Index.