The Prevalence of Eimeria Species in Goats in Iğdır


Abstract: This study was conducted to identify Eimeria species in goats in 5 districts of Iğdır province in Turkey. Faecal specimens (approximately 3-5 g) were obtained from the rectums of 212 goats. In the laboratory examination of faecal samples, 10 different Eimeria species were identified in 82.55% of the specimens: E. arloingi (47.43%), E. christenseni (45.14%), E. ninakohlyakimovae (36.00%), E. alijevi (26.85%), E. hirci (23.42%), E. caprina (18.28%), E. caprovina (16.57%), E. pallida (13.14%), E. jolchijevi (10.28%), and E. apsheronica (3.42%). E. caprina and E. caprovina are reported for the first time in the Iğdır province of Turkey.

Keywords: Goat, Eimeri spp., Iğdır, Turkey

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