Estimation of Individual Feed Consumption of Fattening Lambs on Group Feeding

Authors: Ensar BAŞPINAR, M. Muhip ÖZKAN, Şafak POLATSÜ, İ. Yaman YURTMAN, İ. Zafer ARIK

Abstract: The aim of the this study was to develop a model to estimate the individual feed consumption of fattening lambs which were fed in groups adlibitum. The individual feed consumption and live weight data obtained from the 3 previous works weresed. The feed consumption of 76 lambs in 41 different fattening periods were estimated by using the developed model and individual consumption values and group averages were compared with the estimated values. The model estimated the individual feed intake better than group averages in 33 of 41 calculations.

Keywords: Feed intake, Estimating model, Fattening, Lamb.

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