Estimates of Genetic and Phenotypic Parameters for Birth Weight in Brown and Simmental Calves Raised at Altindere State Farm

Authors: Ali KAYGISIZ

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to estimate genetic and phenotypic parameters for birth weight in Brown and Simmental calves raised at Altindere State Farm in Van. The least squares means of birth weight for Brown and Simmental calves were 40.13±0.41 and 40.04±0.27 kg, respectively. The effect of year and sex on birth weight were highly significant (P<0.01) for both breeds. The effect of birth month and birth number on birth weight were significant (P<0.05) or highly significant (P<0.01) for Brown calves, whereas wasn't significant for Simmental calves. Repeatability and heritability estimates for bith weight were 0.142±0.064 (P<0.01) and 0.084±0.031 (P<0.05) for Brown calves, 0.102±0.024 (P<0.01) and 0.078±0.021 (P<0.05) for Simmental calves.

Keywords: Brown calves, Simmental calves, birth weight, heritability, repeatability.

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