Investigation of Relationship Between Glutathione and Birth Weight and Live Weight Gain in Lambs

Authors: Ayşegül BİLDİK, Fatmagül YUR, Hayati ÇAMAŞ, Fuat ODABAŞIOĞLU, Mikail ASLAN

Abstract: This study was carried out to investigate the glutathione level in Morkaraman, Morkaraman x Dorsetdown (F1) and Morkaraman x Corriedale (F1) lambs and to demonstrate its relationship with birth-weight and live-weight gain. Fourtyone Morkaraman, 36 Morkaraman x Dorsetdown, 30 Morkaraman x Corriedale lambs were used as animal materials. Blood samples obtained from the animals were analysed by using spectrophotometric technique for the level of glutathione. In Morkaraman, Morkaraman x Dorsetdown and Morkaraman x Corriedale lambs, GSH h levels were 17.7±1.1, 19.9±0.9, 18.6±1.7 mg/dl respectivels and GSH H levels were 40.3±2.2, 36.2±1.9, 31.1±0.9 mg/dl respectively. Relationship between birth-weight and GSH level of Morkaraman and Morkaraman x Corriedale was statistically significant (p<0.001). There was also statistically important relationship (p<0.05) between GSH level and live-weight gain in Morkaraman x Corriedale lambs.

Keywords: Glutathione, birth weight, live weight gain, morkaraman.

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