The Accumulation Levels in some Tissues and the Effect on Lipid Fractions in Liver of Dietary Aluminum in Broilers

Authors: Ayşen ZOHOURI, Süleyman K. TEKELİ, Ahmet MENGİ, Esma TÜTEM, Mehmet HÜGÜL

Abstract: In this study, the accumulation levels in serum, muscle and bone and the effect on lipid fractions in liver of dietary aluminum in broilers were examined. Day-old 30 broiler chicks were separated into two equal groups. Experimental group was fed with diet added 2 g/kg aluminum sulfate. Feed and water were given ad libitum. At the end of 40-day, the blood samples were taken from chickens and the sera were separated. In same day, all chickens were killed, and liver, bone and muscle samples were removed. Al determinations in serum, bone, muscle, feed and drinking water were done. Cholesterol, triglyceride and total lipid analyses in liver were done. Serum Al levels were not found different between control and experimental groups. The Al levels in bone and muscle were significantly found different among these groups (p<0.001). Dietary aluminum did not change cholesterol and total lipid content of liver, whereas it significantly reduced triglyceride content (p<0.01).

Keywords: Aluminum, broiler, accumulation levels, lipid fractions of liver.

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