Investigations on the Biology of Red Mullet ( Mullus barbatus Linnaeus, 1758) in Edremit Bay, Aegean Sea, Turkey


Abstract: In this study, has been carried out to investigate some growth features of the red mullet ( Mullus barbatusLinnaeus, 1758) which is the important commercially species of the North Aegean Sea. Have been examined: Sex distrubution, growth in lenght and weight,condition factor, diet regimes and spawning period. The percentage of females was 68.78 % and males 31.22 % out of 474 specimens which ranged between age group I - IV. The lenght and weight differences between females and males were not statistictically significant. The lenght- weight relationship and growth equations were estimated as follows, respectively: W =0.0157 L 2.9811 , Lt = 26.08 (1-e -0.127(t+3.5354) ) and Wt = 274.28 (1-e -0.127(t+3.5354) ) 2.9811 ; The average condition factor of population was determined as 1.4996 ± 0.0116. According to findings; Crustacea, Mollusca, Polychaeta and Echinodermataare taken as food. It has been determined that spawning period occurs during march and september, and sexual maturity occurs at the age of one year.

Keywords: Edremit Bay, Mullus barbatus, lenght- weight relationship, condition factor, diet regimes, gonadosomatic index.

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