Living in Seyhan Dam Lake and Seyhan River Determination of some Blood Parameters in Mirror Carps ( Cyprinus carpio, Linnaeus, 1758)


Abstract: This research was carried out on mirror carps ( Cyprinus carpio, L.,1758) taken from Seyhan Dam Lake and Seyhan River between January and October 1996 to determine some blood parameters. Erythrocyte, leucocyte count, leucocyte cell formulas, total serum protein and serum glucose values of mirror Carps ( Cyprinus carpio, L.,1758 ) caught from Seyhan Dam Lake and Seyhan River were also compared statistically. Different values were recorded in erythrocyte and serum protein amounts for both environments (P<0.05). Leucocyte count, leucocyte cell formulas and serum glucose values for both environments found to be insignificant (P>0.05).

Keywords: Blood parameters, Mirror carp.

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