Changes in Some Properties of Whiting Liver Oil Stored in a Refrigerator


Abstract: In this study, the changes (IN) the iodine number (IN), the peroxide value (POV), and the refractive index (RI) of whiting ( Merlangius merlangus euxinus Nord., 1840) liver oil stored in a refrigerator and the relationships between them (4±1°C) were investigated. In a nine-week period, the (IN), the POV and the RI of whiting liver oil stored in the refrigerator were determined to be 169.39- 112.06, 3.56-15.25 meqg O 2 /kg and 1.4818-1.4777 respectively. During the storage, the IN and the RI decreased and the POV increased. The statistical relationships between the IN-POV, IN-RI and POV-RI were determined to be r 2 =0.8885, r 2 =0.4698 and r 2 =0.6802 respectively. It was concluded from the study that the IN changed depeding on the POV, and the RI changed depending on the POV and the IN.

Keywords: Whiting liver oil, iodine number, Peroxide value, Refractive index

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