Incidence and serotipe distribution of Salmonella in ground beef in Ankara


Abstract: The present study was conducted to determine of incidence and serotype distribution of salmonellae in ground beef on markets in Ankara. Between February 1994 and January 1995, a total of 120 samples were obtained from different butcheries and supermarkets of different regions in Ankara. Salmonellae were found in 3.3% (4/100) of ground beef samples. Three different serotypes were identified among the cultures isolated namely S. anatum (2), S. typhimurium (1) and S. telaviv (1). The incidence of salmonellae was found high in the period of June-September months. While three of salmonellae positive samples belonged to supermarkets, onli one Salmonella positive sample belonged to a butcher. Altough the incidence of salmonellae in ground beef samples was found relatively low in this study, it is concluded that the ground meat must be produced under hygienic and technological conditions for the safety production.

Keywords: Ground beef, Salmonella, serotype.

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