Evaluation of aflatoxicosis in hens fed with commercial poultry feed


Abstract: The effect of aflatoxin in the growth of hens was histopathologically analyzed. Mycotoxigenic fungi were isolated and characterized as Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus niger. The aflatoxin was extracted from Aspergillus flavus and their impact on the growth pattern of hens was evaluated. The histopathological analysis reveals that more lesions were found in the vital organs of hens in comparison with the control chick group. In the present study, it is concluded that the quality of poultry feed plays the most important role in a poultry farm. It is suggested that the use of chicks resistant to aflatoxicosis will help in minimizing the problem of poor growth rate and poor feed conversion, which perhaps are the 2 most important factors in poultry management.

Keywords: Mycotoxigenic fungus, aflatoxin, aflatoxicosis, histopathology

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